Rocky Coast Outfitters of the Pacific Northwest. Exploration, Inspiration, Stewardship.

     Rocky Coast Outfitters is a family owned and operated outfit based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It started as an idea for a passion project, fueled by a desire to celebrate one of our great loves: The Pacific Northwest. especially where the land meets the sea. I wanted to design and create fun products that really celebrate our region. 

     The beauty of the Northwest Coast will humble you. It'll inspire you. To explore, to create and share, and to practice good stewardship. So future generations can get inspired too. It's not only the desire to care for the region that we call home; it's following through and sharing those practices with others.

     I hope this passion comes through in how you experience us. From our unique designs, to how we serve you as a customer. I hope you'll find our authenticity a breath of fresh air in this superficial, fame seeking day and age. We don't pay people to wear our products, we don't seek out "influencers". Just friends. We want it to be real, and we wear our passion on our sleeve. We hope you will too.

With Love and gratitude,

- Dan