Rocky Coast Outfitters of the Pacific Northwest. Exploration, Inspiration, Stewardship.

     Hi, I'm Dan. Founder of Rocky Coast Outfitters. We are a family owned and operated outfit based in the ruggedly beautiful Pacific Northwest. We love creating designs inspired by the endless muse our home provides. There's just something particularly humbling and inspirational about where land meets sea.  

     I hope our passion comes through in how you experience us. From our fun, unique designs, to how we serve you as a customer. We hope you appreciate our authentic, customer-centric approach. We're just having fun, and you're welcome to join the ride. We don't pay people to wear our products, we don't seek out "influencers". Just friends. We want it to be real, and we wear our passion on our sleeve. We hope you will too.

With Love and gratitude, and to Jesus Christ be the glory,

- Dan